Cooking Schools, Programs and Training

Cooking Careers May Start with the Right Culinary Arts Training

Some people are born to cook. If you love making delicious food, you may get the cooking training you need to turn your hobby into a career. There are many programs available that may set you up with the skills and experience you need to have your dream job, whether it's making your own line of sauces, sous-cheffing at a 5-star hotel, or strutting your unique catering style at small, elegant parties.

Cooking Programs for Every Cook

Cooking degrees are offered by private cooking schools, professional culinary arts institutes, and two- and four-year colleges that offer hospitality degrees. The programs range in length and depth of focus, though they may all cover kitchen basics such as cooking skills, knife handling, and correct use of equipment. You mayl also learn about nutrition and planning menus, ordering and inventory, and handling food and waste according to public health standards.

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