Which Culinary Degree? Which Culinary Arts School?

Studying for a culinary degree from one of the many specialized culinary arts schools around the country is a great way to prepare for a satisfying and rewarding culinary career. But how do you choose which culinary degree to study for, and which of the many different culinary arts schools to attend?

Choosing the Right Culinary Degree for Your Future Culinary Career

Culinary degree programs are available at certificate, associate's and the bachelor's level; the exact content of your course will depend on the type of degree you choose.

A culinary degree at certificate or associate's level will focus on the more practical aspects of the culinary arts: choosing, preparing, and cooking food; pastry and baking skills; menu planning; cost control; sanitation and safety, and kitchen management. It is particularly suitable for someone who is looking for a "hands-on" culinary career.

Culinary arts schools offering bachelor's degrees will also include courses on management and business skills such as marketing, finance, leadership, customer service, and human resource management. They are more suitable for students who are hoping to pursue a culinary career in management.

How to Choose Between Different Culinary Arts Schools

Make sure you ask the following questions:

    • What types of culinary degree does the school offer and what is the exact content of the degree program?

    • Does it specialize in any particular area of the culinary arts? E.g. French, Asian, or Spanish cuisine; pastry or baking?

  • What is its reputation and does it have a history of successfully training graduates for the particular sphere of the culinary arts you are interested in?

Ultimately, think carefully about what is best for your future culinary career and this will be the best guide in choosing between different culinary degree programs and culinary arts schools.