Turn Culinary Training into Food Styling

Culinary Training Puts the Best Food Forward

Food stylists work in a small field that combines culinary arts training and photography. According to the Virginia Dept. of Education, "Stylists prepare food for television commercials and shows, films, theater productions, and photographs in magazines, books, and on the Internet."

A Bridge between Career Skills

Though food stylists need to be skilled in both photography and culinary arts, most people come to the field with a background in culinary training because it requires such specific knowledge of food, recipes, and presentation. A stylist will either generalize by working with a wide variety of foods, or work only with a particular type of food, like vegetarian dishes or Chinese cuisine.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Food styling is a very competitive field. Most stylists operate on freelance contracts, so their ability to succeed depends on creativity, culinary skill, and business acumen. You also need to be able to work comfortably under pressure, and work well in a team.

Your culinary training can take you down many different career paths; food styling is just one example of a fast-paced, interesting and unexpected career.

Virginia Dept. of Education