The Culinary Art of Chocolate

Whether or not your passion is chocolate, if you're interested in being a pastry chef, a confectioner, or simply learning as much as you can about the culinary arts, attending one of the many culinary schools across the country can increase your chance of getting the delicious job of your dreams.

The Culinary Arts: What Pastry, Chef, and Culinary Schools Can Teach You

While your culinary arts education will teach you more advanced chocolate techniques, such as properly tempering chocolate for crisp, shiny chocolates, here just a few simple-yet-wonderful ways to use chocolate right now:

  • Melt dark chocolate, cream, and cherry liquor together to create a smooth fondue
  • Use cocoa powder to make chocolate syrup for use in drinks or as a topping for different desserts
  • Combine butter, milk, vanilla, powdered sugar, and cocoa powder for a delicious chocolate frosting

If you're a chocolate fanatic and want to be a pastry chef or confectioner, a good first step to take would be looking into the different culinary schools available to you.

Getting a Culinary Arts Education

When you attend a culinary arts school, you can study the fine points of pastry, the organization involved in being a chef, and various theories for using spices. You can also learn more about how to make chocolate candies, cakes, and pastries.

If you're interested in a career making candies, desserts, or being a chef, culinary schools are the best way to get the right training.