Refreshing Beverages: Chef School Training

Exotic Tastes

People in the United States are becoming more globally-minded than ever, and many are interested in trying new flavors from other countries. The Orient has become a popular place to look for drinks, as evidenced by the popularity of green tea and Chai tea. Both have moved beyond a simple drink status, and can even be found as flavors in snacks.

Health Benefits

People are also looking for beverages with less calories and health benefits. High antioxidant content is one reason that pomegranate juice and berries have become very popular. Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are a great way to add sweet, tangy flavors to your summer drinks, as well as bright flavors and delicious textures.


New drink flavors are becoming increasingly important. Seasonal varieties are almost a staple at coffee houses, and sodas are adding berry, vanilla, and even coffee flavors to attract new customers. So throughout the course of your restaurant culinary career, or even during your chef school training, don't be afraid to try new combinations. You just might hit on the next most popular flavor.

Restaurant Training for Drink Ideas

Pursuing restaurant training at a chef school may help you understand what flavors combine well for a fresh taste, and may give you insights on the consumer trends you may anticipate throughout your culinary career.