Go Ahead and Get Messy: The Culinary Art of Kids in the Kitchen

The Culinary Art of Wooing Kids

The fast food industry always understood that if you cater to kids, you'll enjoy a constant market of consumers skilled at getting precisely what they want. While there's rarely cause for a master chef-in-training to take a lesson from the fast food industry, you might want to take notes on this one. After all, happy children mean happier parents--and appreciative repeat business for you.

Get Messy: Host a Cooking Class for Kids

Want to have a bit of fun and attract a nich market? Offer a cooking class for kids! Just remember your student demographic. When you're putting together a class outline, incorporate kids' three favorite to-do's: hitting things, getting messy, and eating sweets. These culinary activities are sure to be a hit:
  • Forming Pizza Dough
  • Forming Gnocchi
  • Folding Batter
  • Pounding Meat
  • Separating Eggs
  • Icing Cookies
  • Icing Cakes

Cooking classes for kids give you the chance to teach the pleasures of food to a whole new generation. Couple this with a kids menu that adults can also enjoy, and you're bound to crack a few smiles, young and old. At the very least, a cooking class for kids will help you remember the culinary art of fun.