Finding the Hospitality and Culinary Arts School that Fits

Hospitality Career Starters and Culinary Arts School Tips

If you're in high school, take advantage of whatever culinary arts or hospitality classes you're offered. If you're not, you can experiment with other courses until you locate your hospitality bliss.

Ask professionals in your area to tell you about their careers. Advice from people in hospitality and culinary trenches gives you a real feel for the culinary arts. Ask about jobs that are typically available in your area and the qualifications you'll need to get your foot in the door.

When you're ready to pursue a serious culinary arts education, make a list of the schools that sound interesting to you. Then, check out each school's accreditation with The American Culinary Federation

Owning the Restaurant--or the Whole Resort!

For the most ambitious people interested in a culinary arts career, restaurant ownership may be the goal. Do you, then, go after a culinary arts degree? A hospitality degree? An MBA?

Even the experts are divided, some suggesting a business track, others a culinary arts direction with a hospitality management emphasis. Regardless, take the hospitality business as your science while you're refining your culinary arts, and you'll have a winning combination.

Regardless of your emphasis--culinary or hospitality--the experts are all on the same page about one thing: Get an entry-level job before you get your degree. What to own a resort? Keep your eye out for work at a resort whose hospitality style fits yours. If your aim is culinary, work your way up through summer jobs and culinary arts school internships.

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