Don't Have Time for Culinary School? Got 5 Days?

Don't have time for culinary school? Try Culinary Boot Camp. The five-day course--detailed in a book by the same name--offers intensive culinary basic training. From creating sauces to mastering knife technique, each day at Culinary Boot Camp offers the "recruit" a taste of every aspect of the culinary arts. If you're the impatient type, then a boot camp can add culinary discipline to your flair for the cooking arts. And you can sign up online.

Culinary Basic Training Exposed

Culinary Boot Camp (Wiley, May 2006) by popular food writer Martha Rose Schulman recounts the author's boot camp experience. Learning both from culinary demonstrations and hands-on training, the author stepped outside her vegetarian light comfort zone to hone her diverse cooking skills. The book outlines each of the five days of Schulman's culinary schooling through "recipes, charts and step-by-step photographs" in what Library Journal calls a "minitutorial." If you've ever wanted a look behind the magic curtain of culinary school, this book--like the boot camp itself--provides that insider view.

Culinary Arts or Cooking School?

Programs like Culinary Boot Camp offer a kind of culinary school few people think about: culinary training for nonprofessionals. After all, amateur chefs who cook for love rather than money comprise the considerable market for cookbooks, cooking shows, and niche stores like Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table, catering to culinary arts aficionados. So why not a rigorous cooking education without years of school? Culinary boot camp and other brief courses pack a lot of expertise into a short time. The course has even been adapted for kids.

Not everyone with a passion for cooking necessarily wants a culinary arts career. If you fit into this category--or if you're undecided--signing up for basic culinary training lasting just a week or less can show you your true culinary colors. Are you tough enough to take it?


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