Does Culinary School Sound Tempting?

Sure, anybody can pour a bowl of cereal or whip up some mac-and-cheese, but can you cook? Cooking is an art, and the best chefs in the world generally have a culinary school education.

Cr�me Brulee and Business Smarts: Culinary Arts Schools

What does it take to be the head chef of a busy Manhattan restaurant? Could you create the menu, manage the staff and see to the financial management of a restaurant? Well, the dozens of culinary arts schools in the United States would probably contend that with a solid personal commitment on your part, and proper culinary school training, these culinary arts schools could turn those question marks into a firm "yes!"

Asking Yourself the Critical Culinary School Questions

But how can you know for sure that culinary school is right for you? Answer the questions below to see if enrolling in culinary school is the next step for you.

  • Do you consider yourself an artist? (There's a reason they call them culinary arts schools)
  • Do you have the patience to learn and perfect new techniques and cooking methods?
  • Are you curious about regional and international cuisine?
  • Are you disciplined enough to hit the books each night and study chemistry and food science?
  • Do you have a head for business?
  • Are you interested in learning more about leadership and how to effectively communicate with others?

If you answered yes to these questions, you just may be ready to enroll in some classes at your local culinary school. Generally, culinary arts schools and programs offer some community education classes and a variety of degrees and programs to fit your individual needs. Check Culinary Institutes school listings for some of the best schools in your area.