Culinary Colleges Provide Creative Chef Training for a Raw Foods Career

Roxanne Klein's restaurant, called Roxanne's, is an extremely successful restaurant in Larkspur, California. It's also a raw food restaurant, where everything served is organic and fresh, and nothing is cooked. While this may seem to be the opposite of what most culinary colleges would promote, the raw food movement is gaining popularity, and those who want chef training in raw foods can find recipes for meals such as lasagna, taco salad, and pad thai.

Chef School Training for a Non-Cooking Career?

The raw food movement emphasizes not cooking foods, since proponents believe that cooking foods destroys essential enzymes that aid in digestion. They don't eat meat, fish, poultry, or dairy. Instead, cheeses are made with soaked nuts, and burger patties are made from sunflower seeds and fresh vegetables. While most culinary colleges don't focus on raw cooking, getting the right chef school training can still be a valuable part of starting your career.

Creativity at Culinary Colleges

Creativity is one of the most vital parts of being a successful chef, and with more limited ingredients and cooking methods, raw chefs must be particularly creative to succeed in their business. Attending a chef school can help develop both your creativity and knowledge of how tastes, flavors, and textures blend together to create various culinary experiences.