Culinary Arts Schools

The common wisdom is that the food industry suffers when times are hard. A recent study by the National Restaurant Association may prove that the common wisdom is wrong. The association says this is a great time to enter a culinary career. According to their surveys, culinary arts school can't turn out graduates fast enough to meet the rising number of culinary arts jobs.

Culinary Arts Jobs Trends

The National Restaurant Association sees the food service industry in the United States providing close to two million culinary career jobs in the next ten years. The industry, which offers more private sector employment than any other industry in the country, has created about a quarter of a million culinary jobs each year for over a decade. In fact, the industry has had uninterrupted growth for the past 14 years. In other words, the industry is racing ahead of the culinary arts schools that supply the workers.

Culinary Arts Jobs in a Poor Economy?

It may seem strange that the food services industry and culinary arts schools continue to grow when the national economy continues to fall. The surprising fact is that some of that growth in culinary arts jobs and the food industry as a whole is due to the difficult economy.

Most households have become dependent on multiple salaries in order to survive. With both parents and sometimes a few of the kids taking on the bread-winner role, there is limited time for home cooking. Eating out or ordering food prepared commercially outside the home has become more and more common. Families may not eat dinners in fancy restaurants, but they depend on people in culinary careers to provide meals.

Seen from that perspective, it is easy to understand how culinary arts schools flourish and the number of culinary arts jobs grow even during hard times. Keep this in mind if you are considering a culinary career.