4 Signs You're Ready for a Culinary Arts Career

Whether you want to be a professional wedding cake baker or the executive chef at a five-star restaurant, developing these traits can give you the edge over the competition.

Trait #1: Ready for an Intense Career

Are you a passionate person? Are you ready for a career that's more than just a job? Then the culinary arts is the perfect field for you to work in. Working twelve-hour days, nights, weekends, and holidays, this job requires real dedication. But if you're working at what you love, who needs spare time? You'll be doing what you'd want all the time.

Trait #2: Can Stand the Heat

A culinary career can involve a lot stress--if the food is bad or prepared slowly, guests aren't likely to come back. The ability to perform under pressure can be a great ally when your goal is making many people happy as quickly as possible.

Trait #3: Willing to Learn

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who have gotten culinary schooling from both culinary schools and real-life experience are more likely to get good jobs than those who haven't. Maintain your willingness to learn even after you're hired.

Trait #4: Well Organized

While great chefs must be creative and love what they do, they must also be organized. Menus must be planned and food must be priced and bought ahead of time. If you're planning on managing a kitchen staff, you also need to be able to organize a work schedule for employees.

If you want a culinary arts career, attending culinary school is a great way to get started. Your culinary school training and innate traits can combine to form the ingredients for a great culinary career.