Wine Experts May be Needed for Restaurant and Hospitality Jobs

Do you think food and drink are adventurous topics? If you do, you might be just the right person for a career in hospitality. For example, how would you like to be a wine steward?

What is a Wine Steward?

The wine steward, or sommelier, is a trained and experienced expert who is responsible for all the wine and brandy served at a hotel or restaurant. The more impressive the establishment, the more important is the job of the wine steward.

What the Sommelier Knows

Wine is an incredibly complex subject. Almost every country in the world produces some amount of wine for commercial consumption. Each of these wines has a different quality and a different taste. Wines from different regions of the same country may be completely different. For example, there are vineyards in valleys in Northern California that are only a few miles apart. However, the wine from each of these areas has a distinct style and taste. Add to this the fact that wines from the same region may be different from one season to the next, and you have a body of knowledge that takes years to master.

Essential Jobs

While training for your hospitality career is an important step, rising to the top of the trade takes many years and many bottles of wine. The sommelier is second in importance only to the head chef when it comes to a restaurant's reputation for fine dining. After all, at a top restaurant, a single bottle of wine may have a price tag of several thousand dollars. With so much riding on your expertise, working as a wine steward is one career that will use your training and challenge your abilities.