Jazz Up the Rice - Then Your Life - With a Culinary Degree

Today we'll continue our culinary program with some easy and scrumptious ways to prepare rice. Add these exotic dishes to your repertoire - rice as you've never had it before!

Coconut Rice

A perfect side for fish. Cook rice the usual way, but substitute one can of coconut milk for part of the water. For an extra special treat, chop raw coconut or Brazil nuts into fine bits and saute in hot oil. Add about two tablespoons of the browned bits to the rice before cooking.

Angel Hair Rice

Heat two tablespoons of oil in the pot or rice cooker and fry a handful of raw angel hair pasta broken into two-inch pieces. When the pasta is very dark brown (but not burnt) discard any left-over oil and add the rice, salt, a garlic clove and one whole scallion. Cook rice in the usual way, discarding the scallion at the end. You'll love the mysterious, nutty flavor of this rice. It's great with hearty meats or chicken.

Cola Rice

This may be hard to believe, but just try it. Cook rice the usual way, but substitute cola drink for half or all of the water (to taste). Add two tablespoons of raisins during the last 15 minutes of cooking time. This rice begs for chicken or duck.

Fragrant White Rice

Here's the trick for making great white rice. Start by lightly sauteing two garlic cloves and a whole scallion in olive oil, just until they release their aroma but do not start to brown. Immediately add the raw rice and water, plus salt and a dash of pepper. Continue with your usual cooking procedure.

And finally..

Don't forget that side dishes are an important part of any culinary arts program. Visit us again for more exciting tips taught at the best culinary schools. Explore some schools on the Culinary Institutes Web site to learn how to cook like a pro and prepare your favorite dishes as a career.