Is a Restaurant Career Worth Considering?

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what it's like to pursue a restaurant career. Most of the people who ask say they are thinking of going to restaurant school and going after one of the top restaurant jobs. In fact, they tell me they would really like one of the better restaurant's chef jobs. I encourage all of them-just as I would encourage you. The one thing I point out to all of them-and to you, too-is that a restaurant career is many things. There are many other restaurant jobs besides restaurant chef. jobs.

Where do you go after restaurant school?

Going to restaurant school and then going after a restaurant career is probably one of the best choices a person could make for either a new career or a change of careers. However, a restaurant career is for people with a combination of creativity and passion. The learning doesn't stop when you graduate from restaurant school. The learning never stops.

As for graduating and going right into one of the top restaurant chef jobs, that probably won't happen unless your parents own that restaurant and they really, really love you. If you went to a military academy, you wouldn't expect to graduate as a general in charge of a battalion. You'd be way ahead of other people who didn't go to the academy, but you wouldn't have stars on your shoulders. Restaurant school is similar. You'll be way ahead of other job seekers, but you'll still have to work your way up and prove yourself. You might even take other paths on your restaurant career journey. Perhaps you'll decide to be a restaurant manager, or you might become the cuisine executive for a corporation or a cruise line.

To coin a pun, a restaurant career is a delicious thing to consider.