How to Get Repeat Business at a Restaurant

Culinary Careers are Booming

There's no doubt about it--people love to eat out, and they rely on chefs to provide them with a convenient, delicious meal. According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), there are 935,000 restaurants in America right now. The association's annual forecast projects that these businesses will employ 12.8 million people, and "add two million new career and employment opportunities in the next decade." A degree in culinary arts can get you into this booming industry.

American Adventures in Dining

With all of this industry activity, it is becoming more important for chefs to create a unique, distinct dining experience. And Americans are eating it up. As we enter 2007, more and more people are moving away from fast food, and toward healthier meals away from home. The NRA calls the restaurant industry "an essential part of Americans' lifestyle" and finds that they are spending nearly 50 percent of their food budget on meals in restaurants.

Moving Away from the Herd

With so many dining options, customers are eager for a unique, convenient experience that allows them to feel released from their normal lives and obligations. From exotic spices to exotic art, we're eager for a taste of something new.

Even though we're going out to eat more often, we still want it to feel special--and with a culinary school education, you'll be prepared to create that experience for each guest who walks in your door.