Drinking Your Dinner

Who knows why, but somehow drinking your meals has become healthier and more hip. And whether it's hype or here to stay, chefs are adding a variety of liquid items to their menus.

The Culinary Art of Hip Health

Perhaps some of popularity of drinkable food comes from a surge in health messages that remind us to eat our fruits and vegetables. No matter what they say, it's hard to get in 8-10 servings of solid fruit and vegetables, and it's a lot easier to blend them all up and drink them than it is to look at a whole plate full of broccoli and apples. Although drinking your fruits & veggies every day is not recommended, as liquid versions have higher sugar and none of the fiber, a smoothie beats a soda any day of the week for your health.

Cleaning Up the Classics

Research done by Flavor & the Menu found that some chefs are taking the classics and either accentuating them, or giving them a contemporary flair. Some classics, like orange juice and milk, are likely to already be on your menu, but you can offer organic or locally produced options. Some restaurants are even giving milk a new twist by flavoring it, and offering milk tastings for those either too young or too inexperienced to handle wine.

Getting Ahead of the Bandwagon

If you want to try something new, consider some of these drink trends:
  • smoothies with vitamin supplements
  • wheatgrass shots
  • goji juice
  • pomegranate juice
  • carrot and vegetable juices

As you enter into the world of culinary arts, don't neglect your drink menu--some people can make a whole meal out of it.

Flavor & the Menu