Culinary Careers Part I: Restaurant Management Jobs

The restaurant manager is usually the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. What does it take to enter this demanding career?

The Daily Grind of Restaurant Management

Restaurant managers, also known as food service managers, are responsible for the daily operations of the restaurant or food establishment. Restaurant management professionals perform many jobs within the restaurant, including coordinating among the different areas of the restaurant, taking inventory and ordering supplies, and ensuring that customers are satisfied.

Menu and Mood

One of the most important of the restaurant management jobs is working with the head chef to decide on a menu. The menu is the heart of the restaurant. The restaurant manager must decide which menu items to keep on the menu, which to rotate, and which to scrap. The restaurant management also decides on the d�cor and ambience of the restaurant.

Restaurant Manager, Business Manager

The restaurant manager is also responsible for the hiring and firing of staff. Depending upon the size of the restaurant, the manager may have assistants or work as a part of a management team. Managers often keep track of expenses and records and oversee all the business functions of the restaurant.

Restaurant Management Training

Restaurant managers must be calm in emergencies, flexible, and committed. Many people are promoted restaurant management positions from other jobs in the restaurant business. Individuals with bachelor's degrees or certificates in restaurant management should have better opportunities. Courses in restaurant management include training in business, culinary arts, and hospitality.

Restaurant management jobs are competitive, but with the proper training and adequate experience, you can get the job you want and feel satisfaction in your career.