Chef School Training in Restaurant Menu Development

Many culinary degree programs offer a course in restaurant menu development for those who are training to own their own restaurant someday, because chef schools know there's more to menu development just listing items you can cook.

What Chef School Can Teach About Menu Development

Menus do more than list available items. They offer a first culinary impression of your restaurant and the degree of quality of your food. So how do you create a menu? First, choose dishes carefully, with variety in mind. Not everyone who wants Italian wants pasta, and many customers are watching their health. Offer standards, but remember that some innovation can make you stand out. And don't offer too much: Julie Kalkowski, a Restaurant Operations Consultant for Food Services of America in Seattle, WA, says "Less is always more. Focus on what you are good at and stick to that."

More Restaurant Menu Training Tips

When you're creating your restaurant's menu, make sure you know your market. What do people in your area want? What are the major national food trends? What are clients willing to spend? It might be good to consult marketing, food science, and customer behavior specialists.

You also have to ask yourself how to set prices. While it might take some time, figuring out the exact cost of every dish can save you profit loss in the long run. Use menu design to benefit yourself financially: use boxes or special fonts to draw attention to your best-tasting, most profitable menu items.

For culinary success, look into your culinary degree or chef school program today to get restaurant training for designing your menu.