Fast Food Restaurant Jobs and a Restaurant Management Career

One of the favorite insults that teachers at culinary school may throw at a student is to say, "The only place you may have a restaurant career is flipping burgers at some fast-food joint." The question is, are the fast food restaurant jobs so terrible?

Carving a restaurant career path

It's true that we may attend culinary institutes with an aim toward much more elegant restaurant jobs, but those positions may not always be available. Flipping burgers may not be your goal for a long-term restaurant career, but it may be possible to grow from there. Fast-food restaurant jobs may provide a foundation to a restaurant management career. You have to want that path and be willing to work hard to find it.

The wonderful thing about fast-food restaurant jobs is that they may teach you what it's like to be in a kitchen all day. They may give you the sense of what it may be like to pursue a restaurant career. You may have an opportunity to prepare food that real customers will eat and pass judgment on. In that way you become part of the food profession that includes the chefs in the world and the lowest paid burger flipper in the world.

Moving up

The local diner may not have much to offer in the way of a career path. It's true that some restaurant jobs are limited in scope. However, the various restaurant chains and corporations are almost always willing to help employees work toward a good restaurant career. Many of them have restaurant management career training as part of their employee programs. The workers in fast food restaurants may be promoted to restaurant jobs, and may eventually to management positions. Once you have a few years of food service managerial experience, you may move up to restaurants.