The Party is the Food

The Danes have a word for it. When you tell someone in Denmark that you went to a party, the first question they ask is, "hvad fik i?" (what did you get to eat?) Theirs is a culture in which the catering determines the course of the party.

One definition of catering is the creation of food to be consumed offsite. In other words, catering jobs differ from restaurant jobs in that the food is carried to another place to be eaten. One of the main things you'll learn at catering school is how to prepare foods that can be reheated at the site of the party or event, or that can be completed on arrival. When you get your first job in catering, you'll possibly be given tasks such as the construction of a hundred or more small canapes or sandwiches to be transported to a party or meeting.

Of course, this boring party food is not what you will want to create during your catering career. The competition is strong, and first-class catering requires first-quality foods plus imagination and creativity to prepare and serve those foods in the best possible ways.

A Catering Canape to Remember
If you want to serve a catering canape course that is not at all boring and will be remembered long after the party has been forgotten, try this. Lightly steam baby octopus with a mixture of water and dry sherry into which a good portion of ginger has been grated. When the octopus is cool, stuff it with caviar and serve it in the cap of a marinated button mushroom. Try it, you'll like it.