Pasta Perfection - Hospitality Training for Guest Entertaining

Nothing says "welcome" like a home-made dish of tender, mouth-watering pasta. If hospitality is entertaining with warmth and generosity, then visiting an Italian kitchen is a hospitality course in itself!

It Not Just About the Sauce

It's about the quality and flavor of the pasta itself. Here's a great tip. Drain the pasta, and instead of rinsing, flavor it immediately with an ingredient from your sauce - a touch of olive oil, cream, or tomato. Sprinkle with fresh pepper, herbs, and parmesan. Good enough to eat without the sauce!

Keep it Hot

Place the serving bowl inside the sink and put a large colander inside. When you drain the pasta, the hot water will heat the bowl.

Pasta with Panache

Here's a great Italian way to mix the sauce with the pasta. Cook the pasta until almost done. Meanwhile, have the hot sauce ready in a large pan. Don't rinse the pasta. Just drain and pour it immediately into the sauce, where it will finish cooking. If too dry, add a bit of reserved pasta water.

By the Way...

You've heard that pasta should be cooked in plenty of water. True! Pasta loses some of its starch while cooking, and it�s this starch on the surface of the pasta that causes it to clump. The more water in your pot, the more the starch becomes diluted. This is also why you need a fresh pot of water for each batch.

... Consider a Career in Hospitality

You don't need a hospitality degree to entertain like a pro. But you do need a love of people, a love of food, and a desire to share your home and table with others. These are the basic ingredients for a professional or home career in hospitality.