Of Course, If I'd Known You Were Coming, I'd Have Baked a Cake

You've decided to become a baker.

Of course, you learn baking as part of the curriculum at your chef school. However, if you really want to specialize, you need to look for a good baking and pastry school.

Lost in a World of Cakes

Most people who enter baking school spend the first days walking around in a daze. Do you blame them? How would you like to study in a building that smells like fresh bread, cookies, pies and cakes from all the student projects?

The next enchanting experience comes after you're a little more advanced in your baking training. That is when you take your first cake baking class.

The word "cake" will never be the same for you again once you realize how many kinds of cakes there are. Devil's food cake and angel food cake, sponge cake, fruitcake, streusel cake, chiffon cake, honey cake, cheesecake and bundt cake. The list goes on for pages.

The most exciting part is that you are learning how to make many of these delicious treats.

A Cake Tip from the Chef

You may or may not learn this from the chef who teaches your cake baking course, but here is something to make your homemade cakes more professional looking. Blow dry the icing.

Yes, your ordinary hair dryer will get warm enough to melt the icing and make it look smooth and "store-bought." Don't overdo it, or you'll have melted icing running down the side of the cake.