How to Cook the Perfect Chicken, and Other Chef School Topics

Why Get a Chef School Education?

Earning your chef degree at a culinary school is a great way to start your culinary career. You'll not only learn the basics of cooking, but also tips on how to cook various ingredients for their best possible flavor. For example, consider tips such as the following for tender, non-dry chicken:

  • A Salt Bath: Brining the chicken (soaking it in saltwater) before you cook it helps it absorb extra moisture.
  • Skin On: Leave the skin on the chicken while it cooks. The skin will help lock moisture inside.
  • Heat Wave: When you're roasting chicken, don't place it closer than 7 inches from the heat source. This helps ensure that the chicken cooks through without burning on one side.
  • No Pressure: If you're grilling, don't press on the chicken with a spatula or fork while it cooks. This may squeeze out some of the juices, leaving you with dryer chicken.

Of course, experts chefs know many other tips for cooking the perfect chicken. This is why getting a culinary school education is so important to your career.

Culinary Schools for a Better Career

If you're interested in a career as a chef or restaurant manager, getting an education at a culinary school can mean that you're able to start at almost any type of establishment doing various types of work. Whether you want to work with chicken or French pastries, earning a culinary degree is a great way to prepare for your career.