Chefs Encourage the Pomegranate's Quick Rise to Fame

People Are Wild About Exotic Fruit

For its 2007 Restaurant Industry Forecast, the National Restaurant Association surveyed more than 1,000 chefs about food and beverage trends, and listed pomegranates at the top of their "hot" item list. Celebrity chef Matthew Kenney agrees. He says, "It's pretty but it's an unusual flavor...it's becoming a gourmet staple."

Chefs Decide When to Follow Food Trends

While food trends might not be as visible as the rise and fall of say, horn-rimmed glasses or leg warmers, they certainly still influence the expectations we bring to a restaurant menu. In the era of mega-coffee retailers, restaurants began to serve espresso. As science began to tell us about the importance of antioxidants, the culinary arts started incorporating dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Chefs Influence Trends in Culinary Arts

But restaurants with a regular customer base can't simply change their menus when the culinary wind blows east. So what is a chef to do? In some cases, like with the pomegranate, you could just add it into low-commitment sides by making sauces, drinks, or garnishes that could be easily removed when prices rise or interest falls.

As a chef, you will have the power to either support or ignore food trends as they come across your table. Your chef school experience will help you decide which to keep, and which to send down the drain.