A Chef School Training in Lemons

Lemons can add zest to your food and highlight flavors. To invigorate all your culinary works of art, follow these tips.

Cooking with Lemons: Chef School Projects

There are several ways that lemons can be used in various dishes. Sprinkling lemon juice over cut fruits will help prevent darkening. Adding lemon juice to your salad vinaigrettes adds a brisk tang. Other tips include the following:
  • Use lemons in marinades; the acid will help tenderize the meat
  • Cook fish with lemons wedges and serve with fresh wedges to help reduce fishy flavors
  • Combine lemons with butter and spices to create delicious sauces for seafood and chicken

These are just some of the ways of cooking with lemons that you could learn by attending a chef school. Baking classes at chef schools offer even more tips for using this healthy citrus fruit to invigorate your cooking.

Baking with Lemons

Whether you love the tart creaminess of lemon meringue pie, or prefer the sweeter, milder taste of lemon bread, there are plenty of baked goods with a wonderful taste and a touch of lemon. Many use lemon zest (grated lemon skin), which creates a strong lemon flavor even after baking. Taking baking classes will provide you with a host of recipes and techniques for your culinary arts baking projects.

Whether you enjoy cooking and baking for your own pleasure, or want to someday make a career out of the culinary arts, taking baking or culinary classes at a chef school is a great way to get the education you need to use lemons and other ingredients to their fullest.