A Beginning Chef's Guide to Ethiopian Cuisine

A Chef School Guide to Basic Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian food is some of best-preserved traditional cuisine in Africa. Since the country is isolated by mountains and high plains, the cuisine hasn't been influenced by many European food trends.

One traditional Ethiopian dish often served at restaurants is doro wat, a stew made from chicken, onions, tomatoes, and hard-boiled eggs. Many Ethiopian dishes are similar, made of some type of thick stew served with pureed vegetables or meats. One such meat dish is kitfo, raw ground beef mixed with various spices, somewhat similar to steak tartare.

These meats, vegetables, and stews are usually served in piles on top of injera, a spongy flatbread similar to sourdough, and used both as serving dish and eating utensil. If you want a traditional Ethiopian drink, consider coffee or tej, a honey wine which is similar to mead.

Advice for Culinary Degree Seekers

When you're seeking a culinary degree at a chef school, learning a little about various food specialties could be a wise decision. Luckily, many chef schools offer the chance to learn a bit about different ethnic cuisines.

When you're earning your culinary degree, taking as many different types of classes as possible can help you decide what type of food to specialize in. Then you can pursue your career by earning a more specialized culinary degree, or get your chef schooling as an apprentice in a professional kitchen.