Your Hospitality Job Description: Caring for Strangers

In ancient times, the inns that were found along the road were centers where travelers could find food, warmth, new friends, lodging, and safety. But innkeepers didn't need hospitality management training--they just provided food and atmosphere. The strangers who gathered under the innkeepers' roofs provided the entertainment and a sense of community. The old inns may be gone, but the comfort they provided is in demand again.

A Fast-Moving World Needs Comfort and Hospitality

The world is on the move. Business travelers, wanderers, and tourists flow in a constant stream from one corner of the world to another. One of the things that many of these travelers need is the comfort of a home away from home.

If you think about it, providing that comfort is the very essence of a hospitality job description. That fact makes this a very good time to pursue a hospitality career or start hospitality management training.

What's a Hospitality Career All About?

A hospitality career is a very special kind of helping profession. You will meet strangers who are cold, tired, hungry, and lonely. They will turn to you and, regardless of what stage of your hospitality career you are in, you will help them. If you are a waiter or waitress, the extra smile you deliver with their cup of coffee--while it is not really part of your hospitality job description--will make a difference in their days.

If you have completed your hospitality management training and are in a position of greater responsibility, you will be able to direct a whole team of people to help those wandering strangers. When you help them and comfort them, you'll be at the highest point in your hospitality career, and you'll be able to feel a proud connection to the ancient innkeepers.