Work on a Cruise Ship: For a Chef It May Be a Dream Job

Working on board a cruise ship as a chef is a dream job. You travel the world, see new and exciting places and meet lots of interesting people from all walks of life. If you have completed your chef training and are looking for a rewarding career, why not think about working as a chef on a cruise ship?

What Are the Benefits of the Training?

  • A Challenging Career. Cooking for up to 9,000 covers a day and being 3,000 miles away from base means that you learn to deal with difficult circumstances.
  • Travel The World. Lots of opportunities to go ashore and explore.
  • Meet Interesting People. Work with an international team and meet passengers from many different backgrounds.


What Types of Cruise Ship Chef Job are On Offer?

  • Executive Chef. Every cruise ship needs its Executive Chef. Whoever does this job is usually responsible for all food and menu planning, quality control and for the entire galley (kitchen) staff. The Executive Chef will usually have at least ten years experience at sea and formal culinary school training.
  • Assistant Executive Chef. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the galley staff and for assisting the Executive Chef with food planning and preparation. This job requires chef training plus 4-5 years experience, preferably on board a cruise ship.
  • First Cook. As directed by the Executive Chef, the First Cook's job is usually to supervise the bakers, pastry cooks, second and third cooks and provisions. It needs less experience than the Executive or Assistant Executive Chef's job but formal chef training is still required.

Cruise lines hire thousands of new people each year and every ship needs a full complement of food and beverage staff; being a chef in this environment is a demanding but important job, which requires the right sort of experience and chef training.