Changing Careers: Learn how to Transform your Culinary Passion into a Culinary Career

Many people discover their love for the culinary arts after they have established careers in other fields. How can you know if a culinary career change is right for you?

Do Your Homework

Before you commit to a career change, you must do your homework. It may seem time-consuming, but it will be worth it in the end. You need to be certain that a culinary career is really what you want, then decide where in the industry you would like to work.

Use Available Resources

Use the internet, including the resources on this site, to research different jobs and careers within the culinary arts. Find two or three options that appeal to you and research average annual salaries, the skills and education required, and where individuals pursuing careers that appeal to you are generally employed.

Conduct Interviews

Next, you need to talk to people who are currently working in the job you want. Ask them how they got into the field, what they like and dislike about what they do, and what kind of culinary education they needed. Ask them for suggestions and ideas. Do not underestimate the importance of networking.

Continue your Culinary Education

Now, you may discover that you need further culinary education. Consider taking classes part-time, and try to gain as much experience as you can. You can do this by obtaining an internship or apprenticeship with a professional in the field. You can also volunteer your skills for a non-profit organization. These positions will often be unpaid, but they will add important experience to your resume, and help you get a feel for the job.

Plan Ahead

Once you have decided that a culinary career is what you want, examine your finances and your calendar and make a timeline detailing when and how you are going to get the culinary education and experience necessary. Achieving your goal will require patience and persistence. It may be weeks, months, or even years before you have the culinary career you desire, but it will be worth it. Good luck!