The Start For Your Culinary Career

Every career requires some kind of training. The better the training, the better the career. A culinary career is no different. There are cooking schools all over the world, but you don't have to travel to Paris to start your culinary career. Some of the culinary schools in the world are right here on this continent.

Aren't all cooking schools the same?

That is an important question, and it has a simple answer: No. Cooking schools have many different aims and they fill many different purposes. For example, there are hundreds of cooking schools whose only purpose is to teach home cooks to prepare better meals for family and friends. The students at those schools have no intentions of pursuing professional culinary careers. They just want to learn to make fancy sauces, roasts, and desserts at home. There is nothing wrong with becoming the amateur cook that you can. However, you're probably reading this because you are considering a culinary career.

How do I choose the culinary school?

You can start by looking at a number of different schools. Request their information packets and compare them. Imagine the kind of culinary career you want, and look at the courses offered by the different schools. If you will be attending a campus-based school, what kind of classroom kitchens do they have? If your choice is an online, distant-learning school, what courses do they offer and how do students and teachers interact? Does your new school have professional chefs as teachers? What about the financial structure? What kind of arrangements do the various schools make to help you with your tuition payments?

Another thing the school brochures and advertisements can tell you is how many of its graduates are working as professionals in the food industry. All of these factors are important in choosing the culinary schools.