Private Chef Jobs in Hollywood and Beyond

What do Princess Yasmine Aga Khan, Tom Cruise, and Ted Kennedy have in common? They all have private chefs working in their home kitchens. The list doesn't stop there. Almost every wealthy, famous person you could name has a graduate of one of the top chef schools working in a private chef job in their kitchen. For the private chefs that win these coveted jobs, a culinary degree is like a golden key to a very special world.

Why Have a Private Chef?

The rich and famous don't put private chefs into these high-class jobs simply as a way of showing off. They also don't put culinary degree holders into their private kitchens simply out of laziness. For many movie stars, high-level politicians, corporate executives, and members of royalty, private chefs serve an important purpose--they help these high-pressure clients survive.

Many clients hire private chefs because the kinds of jobs they have don't allow time for leisurely domestic chores. Numerous private employers of these chef school graduates say that without their private chefs, they would not be able to live normal, healthy lives and still do their jobs.

A private chef is not a luxury for people who are working in high-pressure jobs. The alternative is skipping meals or having too many restaurant meals. Neither one of those choices is worth considering.

The Job of a Private Chef

A private chef usually creates meal menus and presents them to the client. Then the chef does the shopping and prepares the meals. The job makes use of all the skills you learn in chef school. Of course, you don't have the sous-chefs and other helpers you could expect in a restaurant job, but the trade-off is the chance to be part of the household of a famous person.