Just Business: Tips for Starting a Catering Career

Catering and Chef Schools

A successful business requires training in the right field. EHow.com recommends that those interested in catering jobs attend some kind of chef school for culinary career training. After all, catering often involves jobs cooking for groups of extremely varied sizes, from 10 people to 500 people. Cooking in large quantities can be difficult, and chef school classes can help ensure your culinary career success.

Catering and Research

Do your research when you start your business. There are questions health regulations that you will have to follow and licenses you may be required to obtain. Consider your clientele. What are the demands for catering in your area? What foods should you offer on your menu? Discovering what your potential customers want can help you please them.

Catering and Administration

The Princeton Review states that in catering jobs, organizational and management skills are "critical." You have to organize your time well, schedule so that different events and preparation times don't overlap, manage any employees and wait staff, and keep a close eye on finances. Having a business plan can keep you from losing money or even having to quit your catering business.

But if you have the training, drive, and organizational and interpersonal skill necessary to complete catering jobs successfully, consider studying at a chef school today, and start your culinary career.