Get into a Chef-Entrepreneur Career, Girlfriend

Chef--A Whole New Franchise Career

When most chefs imagine a career in the restaurant business after completing their training, they envision competing for dining dollars with every other bistro on the block. A franchise cooking career operates differently, and in the case of My Girlfriend's Kitchen, for example, each chef-entrepreneur is guaranteed an exclusive 50,000-person demographic area all to herself. Since most chef training today includes courses in business management and hospitality, chef school graduates are well-prepared to run a franchise food business all their own.

Joining a Chef Career Chain

Granted, franchise food operations are for those chef school grads who love the kitchen, but don't need to see their own name painted on the restaurant window. On the one hand, you'll pay start-up fees to use your chef skills training others to cook nutritious food for themselves. Start-up for a franchise can easily take more than $200,000 out of your apron pocket. You'll pay an ongoing percentage of your profit to the franchise as well, though with My Girlfriend's Kitchen, the fee is only 5%.

Granted, not every chef is suited to the franchise business. But if you're a business-minded chef school graduate, you might consider a career in which your customers come right into your kitchen--and do all the cooking themselves. After all, being a chef-entrepreneur means you'll never cook alone.