Foundations Provide Culinary Career Support

While in school, culinary students receive all the skills and knowledge they need to become chefs. Culinary education, however, also leads to entrance into a culinary community. Within this community, established organizations provide education for student and professional chefs, career networking, community service, competition, and awards.

The James Beard Foundation

James Beard (1903-1985), whose love for cooking led him to author over 20 cookbooks, also wrote culinary articles for magazines and was one of the first television chefs. Beard served as a food consultant, owned a restaurant, and started a cooking school in 1955. The James Beard Foundation, established in 1986, promotes culinary achievement and culinary education.

For example, outstanding guest chefs are invited to showcase their cooking talents at the James Beard House, with culinary school students assisting in the kitchen to gain practical and valuable experience with recognized chefs. Each year the Foundation bestows the James Beard Award, which is viewed as the pinnacle of culinary achievement.

American Culinary Federation

Established in 1929, the American Culinary Federation is America's largest organization of professional chefs. The Federation oversees certification for chefs, an apprentice program, accreditation of culinary schools, and conferences/conventions focusing on education and information sharing. The ACF also sponsors a team of U.S. chefs for international competition, hands out scholarships, and circulates culinary publications. The Federation has a Hall of Fame and an Annual Awards and Recognition Program for chefs and culinary students.

The culinary arts in America continue to thrive through the efforts of organizations encouraging education and rewarding excellence. Such strong support for the culinary field leads to the continuing emergence of excellent chefs and innovative cuisine. A culinary education unites you with dedicated and expert chefs throughout the country.

The James Beard Foundation
American Culinary Foundation