Do You Have the Right Ingredients for a Career as a Chef?

Are you creative? Are you good with details? Do you have excellent organizational and math skills? Do you enjoy cooking?

If this describes you, a career as a chef might be an interesting choice for you. Some examples of different chef jobs are:
  • Executive Chef. The kitchen commander who plans menus and directs a large staff of chefs
  • Sous-Chef. The second-in-command who supervises specialty chefs and may also prepare food or demonstrate new culinary techniques and equipment to the kitchen staff
  • Saucier. A specialty chef who makes all of the sauces, including soups and dishes that are cooked in sauces
  • Pastry Chef. A specialty chef who is responsible for baked goods and other dessert confections

More Ingredients

A good chef must also have patience, stamina, and an excellent sense of smell and taste. A successful chef must be able to work as part of a team. As a chef, you may be required to make sure that food quality standards are met. In addition to activities directly related to food preparation, a chef may need to be an exceptional manager to recruit, hire, and supervise staff. A chef may also have to accurately estimate food and labor costs.

Opportunities in Chef Careers

The opportunities available to you as a chef are almost limitless. Hotels, casinos, restaurants, and cruise ships are only a few of the places that need chefs. Many chefs have written cookbooks or have traveled extensively because of their ability to find chef jobs in a variety of domestic and international locations.

Make it Happen

Today's chef needs to have a wide range of skills. Chef training at a culinary school can prepare you for a career as a chef.