Culinary Institutes Promote Great Salad Ideas for Chefs

Gourmet salads are increasing in popularity, now important main course and side dishes in many restaurants. If you're studying to be a chef, the ability to concoct delicious combinations allows you to offer your customers healthy alternatives.

A Culinary Degree in Salads

If you're pursuing a culinary degree, make sure you take classes in garde manger and learn about various flavor combinations that build delicious salads. While there's always the traditional mixed-vegetable salad, with its Greek, Caesar, and Cobb variations, new trends emphasize many different types of salads, such as:
  • Fruity salads: Combine sweet and savory flavors by mixing different fruits with accents like bacons bits, chopped green onions, or poppy seed dressing

  • Bean salads: For a great side dish, mix black-eyed peas with chopped celery, carrots, onion, and parsley, then mix in a garlic-orange dressing

  • Grain salads: To create a great side or main dish, mix cooked rice or barley with different vegetables, fish, or seafood, and combine with various types of dressing

Culinary Institutes

Attending one of the many culinary institutes in the United States can increase your chances of a fantastic chef job, once you've earned your culinary degree. Many culinary institutes offer a wide variety of culinary classes, and you can graduate with a certificate, diploma, or degree. Having a strong understanding of flavors, textures, and mixes can give you the skills you need to invent your own salads extraordinaire. If you want to spend your chef career offering customers unique choices, a culinary degree can give you the training and head start you need.