Celebrity Weddings-From Catering First Class, to "Oops I Did It Again"

Catering First Class Style

Celebrities such as Elvis Presley know how to "Take Care of Business". With the help of a master chef (who indeed underwent culinary training) and the Aladdin Hotel, The King treated his guests to a culinary extravaganza. The wedding menu included ham, eggs, Southern fried chicken, Oysters Rockefeller, roast suckling pig, poached and candied salmon, lobster, Eggs Minnette, and champagne. And so the Vegas Buffet was born�

Catering a First Grade Class

Always controversial pop artist, Brittany Spears however, didn't go out of her way to assure the guests were treated with the finest wine and dine. At her wedding, she served her guests chicken fingers, ribs, and Waldorf salad. But, that's normal to Brittany. There were caterers, but they didn't go through any formal catering education.

From the Catering Education, to the Caterer's Dream

If you enjoy catering for a group of people and you think your skills match the skills of caterer's, and you can partake in top catering training and catering education, a job in catering may be for you. Caterers provide specialty foods for events such as weddings, business luncheons, formal and informal parties, and other social occasions. Great food preparation is only a part of a successful catering education. Other keys to success or failure in catering training include the caterer's ability to oversee the business, its cooking and serving staff, and the daily details of the operation. But, before you know it, you'll become a master chef maybe even worthy of serving The King. He just may still be in line at a buffet in Vegas.