Beyond The Kitchen: A Career Path To The Top

If you've ever looked into the curricula of major culinary colleges you've probably been surprised at the variety of courses offered. You probably thought, "Why would I have to learn that? I just want to become a chef and have a great culinary career." The answer is simple. Culinary colleges know that you can't stay in the kitchen forever.

They know how many chefs go into the field of restaurant management by returning to school and learning to run a major food service establishment. The management skills available in courses at most culinary colleges can make that path much easier.

What Will I Learn at Restaurant Management School?

What you will learn, both in restaurant management school and in the best culinary colleges, is how to organize and plan. You'll learn about food service on a large scale. Menu planning and provisioning are important courses that will serve you well throughout your culinary career. Provisioning refers to finding the vendors, choosing the best ingredients, and buying the correct quantities for the number of meals your establishment will serve.

Restaurant Management Beyond the Classroom

One of the first things you'll learn is that hotel and restaurant management requires skills outside the scope of any school course. You need the leadership talents of a great general, the peacekeeping ability of a career diplomat, the cool nerves and courage of a firefighter, and a gift for reading the future. Of course, all of these skills are developed on the job in your culinary career.

Restaurant management is an exciting culinary career--whether you start right out of restaurant management school or enter it as a second career after having worked as a chef in the heat of the kitchen.