A Successful Culinary Career May Start With a Successful Culinary Education

There was a time when one could learn to be a professional cook by stirring the soup for an established chef. The world was a simpler place in those days. Today, a culinary arts degree is a more direct path to the best culinary jobs.

Fine cuisine used to be available only to the very wealthy. Most of the chefs who created that cuisine had entered their culinary careers by serving as apprentices to established chefs. They stirred the soup and chopped the onions and then, after many hours of menial jobs, were allowed to create a sauce or a salad. The world has changed� and so has cooking.

Cooking as an Art Form

One of the things that has changed is the availability of high quality restaurants for the masses. You no longer go to cooking schools, but rather to culinary arts schools. There are still plenty of menial culinary jobs available, but more and more people are aiming towards culinary careers rather than just restaurant jobs.

The increase in the number of good restaurants, high class catering establishments, and resorts with fine dining as an advertised feature, means there is a need for more fine chefs. You can be sure that most of the chefs have risen to their positions after graduating from a reputable culinary arts program.

It's not easy to become a chef, but keep your eye on the prize. Find a chef you admire and cut out his or her picture - preferably one in which he or she is cooking. Paste it up in your culinary school locker. That way you will never forget your goal.