A Culinary Degree May Be a Ticket To Travel

I'll be going to London in the next few months to visit my friend Chef Alfred. He finished chef school with a culinary degree and then opened up his own catering business. He loved the work and he was very successful. Then he found out how many catering jobs there were abroad.

He realized that a chef school graduate with a culinary degree and catering experience could find interesting work anywhere in the world. A few months ago he accepted a catering job in the U.K. as the master chef in a high-class, old-school style catering company. If he hadn't taken the catering job in the U.K., he could have accepted any one of several other exciting international offers.

A Culinary Degree Can Lead to Many Careers

A good education is like a key that opens many different doors. Your degree is not the end of the process, but just the beginning of an adventure. Some people think that going to chef school and earning a culinary degree means going from graduation to the kitchen of some restaurant. In their imagination, being a chef with a culinary degree leads to a job preparing basically the same meals night after night. That picture is not necessarily true. In fact, the picture is false for more than half of chef school graduates.

Culinary Career Opportunities

Restaurant chefs are an important part of the culinary world, but they are not the only part. Chefs work in private home, schools, and corporations. Chefs also work on cruise ships traveling around the world and stopping in exotic locations. Chefs are needed in fine resorts, both at home and abroad. Some chefs, like my friend Alfred, specialize in catering--the preparation of meals and snacks for large groups of people.

The best part of all is that these specialty chefs are seldom stuck behind a fixed menu. Every day is a new and exciting challenge.