A Chef's Career Starts At Home

A career as a chef is not something one falls into accidentally. Earning the respected title of chef requires serious training. You'll need to complete a formal culinary education before you start searching for chef jobs.

There is a big difference between a cook and a chef. The person who flips the soggy pancakes in your local diner is a cook. It's an open field that almost anyone can talk their way into. The title of chef is usually earned, and requires special training and some professional experience before one can look forward to starting a career. The word chef means chief, and the chef is indeed the chief of the kitchen.

Starting at Home
A chef career is really a calling. This means that most people who enter the culinary career have a strong inner desire to be chefs. The love of cooking and of exploring different cuisines is usually very strong in these dedicated people. If you know that you desire a career as a chef, you can start by practicing your cooking skills at home, even before you start attending a culinary academy.

A Tip for the Home Chef
One of the first things you'll learn at chef school is the French expression mis en place. It means putting in place and it is an important skill to learn. Nothing is worse than reaching for a crucial ingredient and finding out that it was all used up, or having something burn while you search frantically for one of the ingredients. Put everything in its place before you start - mis en place - and you'll never have these problems. Starting at home, you can prepare yourself for your chef education and the rewarding career that could follow.