White House Chef: One of the Private Chef Jobs in the Country

Restaurants and resorts are not the only places to aim for when you choose a career as a chef--there are lots of personal chef jobs available, too. Cristeta Comerford just started in the hottest chef job opportunity in the country: chef in the White House kitchen, serving the President of the United States and his esteemed guests everything from the simple to the sophisticated.

First Lady Selects New Private Chef

The president's wife, First Lady Laura Bush, took on the responsibility for hiring the private chef and filling most of the other domestic jobs around the White House kitchen. After all, the previous chef was rumored to have left that top spot because of supposed disagreements with the First Lady.

Mrs. Bush is said to have tested and interviewed a number of private chefs for the various jobs in the White House kitchen. For the tryouts, the applicants were asked to prepare special dishes at a few private dinners. It is said that the president was hoping the final choice would be someone whose tastes were similar to his own.

Cristeta Comerford Becomes First Woman White House Head Chef

Mrs. Bush chose Comerford, who held one of the sous chef jobs under the previous administration, to fill this enviable chef job opportunity. Chef Comerford specializes in ethnic and American cuisine as well as classical French cooking.

Comerford is the first woman to hold the top position in the White House culinary department. She earned her BA in food technology from the University of the Philippines, her native land. Comerfords career as a chef includes a number of top-ranked restaurants from Vienna, Austria to Washington, D.C.