The Perks of Being a Personal Chef

Personal Chefs On The Rise

Over 100,000 households have hired personal chefs, and that number continues to rise, thanks to the ever-increasing pace of the American lifestyle. Many people find that hiring someone skilled in the culinary arts allows them more quality time with their families around the dinner table. When you serve them meals customized for allergy restrictions and taste preferences, you've got one happy (and grateful) family.

Not a Private Matter

Don't confuse personal chef with private chef. Unlike a private chef, who is often a live-in household employee working for one client at a time, a personal chef works for many clients on a rotating schedule. In the most common scenario, a personal chef brings freshly purchased ingredients into the client's home and prepares up to 20 meals at a time which are frozen for later preparation.

According to the Personal Chef Network, a personal chef might also offer any of the following:

  • Custom in-home catering
  • Delivery services for clients of commercial kitchens
  • Party assistance
  • Special additions like holiday cooking or baking
  • HMR (Home Meal Replacement)

A Flexible and Profitable Culinary Career

As a personal chef you will be in charge of your daliy life. Since each personal chef opens his or her own business, you will be able to determine your hours, your client list, and your price sheet.

Your culinary school training can lead you into all kinds of different jobs. But if you want a career that lets you use your culinary arts skills to work closely with people, think about becoming a personal chef. Then imagine all those people leaning back into their chairs and sighing a breath of gratitude before they dig into their chocolate mocha cheesecake.