Greek Pastry Chef Makes the Biggest Baklava of His Career

Xanthi, in northeast Greece is not exactly the most talked about place on the planet. The Xanthi soccer team has offered rather shaky performances in the United Europe Cup matches, and the town is not on many tourists' "must visit" lists. Now a Xanthi pastry chef has laid his career on the line to remedy his city's anonymity. Stelios Arseniou, a Greek pastry chef, has given himself the job of getting the town--and himself--into the Guinness Book of Records. He wants to bake the world's largest baklava.

What's a baklava?

Most pastry schools will teach you how to bake the tasty treat called baklava. A pastry chef will probably make hundreds of them in the course of his or her career. The basic ingredients are chopped nuts and lots of honey all rolled in layers of pastry that is thinner than paper. Baklava is one of those delicious desserts that make a pastry chef's job fun. However, the pastry chef from Xanthi is giving himself a job that is way beyond fun.

Xanthi's world record baklava will weigh 30 tons. A pastry that large could be right out of a pastry chef's career nightmare--or in Stelios's case, right out of a pastry chef's career dream.

The monster pastry will be more than a mile long. It will use up more than 10 million layers of pastry. The chef's plan is to lay the baklava out from one end of a bridge over the Bosporus to the other. The idea is to unite Greece, on one side of the bridge, with Turkey, on the other side of the bridge, in the sweetest way possible.