Flat Urban Chef Oasis

Orlando, like Las Vegas, is seeing a major boom in culinary offerings. There are a broad range of culinary diversions from the main attractions of the city, and it's a great place for a culinary graduate to begin a chef career.

It's Hip to be Flat Chefs

One such diversion is Urban Flats located just outside Orlando in Winter Park. Sleek and chic as the name implies, this places proves it is indeed hip to be flat. The space and concept both belong to Suzanne Bonham. She is a Disney food and beverage alum with chef career highlights all around Disney with many on site executive chef jobs.

Mouse Training

Bonham began her career at Walt Disney World in 1993 as a part-time server at the Old Key West resort. In just a few years, she had risen to what is arguably one of the most sought-after positions in Disney's Food and Beverage Department. In addition to her post at the 235-seat Jiko, Bonham was in charge of the beverage program for the entire resort, which included overseeing the ordering of wines at all the resort's food service locations.

A key member of her team with an executive chef title is Kristine Demchenko, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who also has had a notable chef career and was a chef with a hot Florida job in the Disney properties.

From the cruvinet to the exposed ductwork and dramatic lighting to gourmet flatbreads, these two career chefs have earned their spot in a place where wishes do come true.