Entertaining is not just about Cooking!

Entertaining is not just about cooking. It's also about planning, serving, and making sure you guests have a great time. So today we'll switch gears and give you some advice from our home catering school.

Catering Planning

Ask yourself the questions you would ask a caterer: What kinds of food do you prepare best? How many people can you cater to efficiently and gracefully? What is best for you - a buffet, seated serving, or a cocktail reception? What kind of linen, china, and stemware do you have? What about table decorations?

Catering Presentation

Plan how you want your table to look. For a fantastic first impression at a sit-down dinner, have a lovely salad already served on individual salad plates on top of each dinner plate. Go all the way - color-coordinate your salad with the linen or the centerpiece!

Catering Menu

A thoughtful host or hostess will accommodate special guest needs. Have at least one vegetarian dish or a couple of hearty sides for guests who may not eat the main dish. And be sure to offer attractive non-alcoholic beverages. Come on - you can do better than juice out of a bottle!

Make it Fun

Hospitality is about giving your guests a good time. Let them see you stress-free and enjoying their company. And provide a fun touch to the evening - maybe some lively cocktails complete with frosted glasses, fruit wedges, leaf sprigs, or tiny plastic ornaments. Or for dessert, try an ice-cream sundae bar.

Finale With a Flair

End the evening with after dinner drinks in the living room. Brandy, Kahl�a and Grand Marnier are favorites, but search out others at your liquor store. The variety is endless.

Catering School Can Add Some Class to Your Hospitality...

Remember that successful entertaining means excellent food in an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Keep up your catering training - if you really care about your guests, you're sure to become an expert!