French Pastry School

The art of French pastry making is famous around the world for its tradition of using fine ingredients and sophisticated techniques. By studying at a culinary school that specializes in this area you can learn the secrets and skills of the master "patissier" and qualify for a variety of pastry jobs after graduation.

If you want to learn more about the French tradition of patisserie, your first step should be to find a baking and pastry school that is dedicated to this type of work or runs specialized courses. A specialized French pastry school will be set up to train you for a wide range of different pastry jobs.

What are the special features of French Pastry School?

  • There are no background requirements; anyone with enough enthusiasm and dedication can learn to be a pastry chef.
  • Teaching is usually by experienced chefs who have already worked in a wide variety of pastry jobs in real life.
  • You will learn all about classic French pastry methods and become accomplished in all the jobs involved in designing and creating high-class patisserie.

What Pastry Jobs are Open to Graduates of French Pastry School?

By the end of your training you will be so well prepared in your new craft that you should have no problem in finding patisserie work; all of the following pastry jobs could be open to you:

  • Pastry Chef in any Five-Star Kitchen
  • Food Writer
  • Wedding Cake Decorator
  • Chocolatier
  • Cruise Ship Patissier
  • Master Baker
  • Ice Cream Maker

With a genuine interest in patisserie and a qualification from French pastry school under your belt, a range of pastry jobs in a wide variety of different settings will be open to you.