Unusual Ingredients in Pastry Chef's Culinary Arts Career

Flour, sugar, baking powder, a few spices -- what more could you need for creating a delicious breakfast pastry? It depends on what you're baking. Pastry chef school students who decide to specialize in specific ethnic cuisines will learn some interesting ingredients and flavor combinations as they prepare for their culinary arts careers.

The Unusual Pastry for the Chef School Student

Here are some breakfast pastries from around the word that include culinary arts ingredients that are just a little out of the ordinary:

  • Paska, a traditional Russian-Mennonite sweet bread. The ingredients for this traditional Easter bread include mashed potatoes.
  • Chruscik, a Polish fried pastry, which calls for a tablespoon of rum
  • Irish soda bread, whose ingredients may call to mind Irish coffee, including a 1/3 cup of whiskey
  • Serniki czyli Maldrzki, another Polish pastry. This one calls for two cups of dry cottage cheese. Once cooked, it's served with sour cream.

Knowing how to bake unusual types of breads and pastries can give the pastry chef school student an edge in a culinary arts baking career. The competition is tough in the pastry chef industry, and specializing in a particular type of baked goods can offer you the opportunity to reach a particular part of the market in your baking career.

Pastry Chef School Training

Consider getting your pastry chef career training at a school that offers specialized pastry classes and the opportunity to learn about international cuisines. You'll learn about food combinations that aren't often used in the United States, and learn how to meet the needs of a whole different group of customers.