Should I Go To a Pastry Chef School?

People outside the culinary profession don't always understand the difference between a chef who knows how to bake and the graduate of a pastry chef school. Baking training is an important part of every chef's education. In fact, most culinary institutes have excellent baking courses where you can learn to bake wonderful breads and cakes. However, if you want to become famous for your fancy pastries and fantasy-filled desserts, you'll need a special kind of baking training. Some culinary institutes have excellent pastry training programs, but you might also consider attending a specialized pastry chef school.

Bread is basic

Baking training is a wonderful and magical thing. The smell of fresh bread in the oven or a fine cake on the cooling rack is one of the most seductive aromas in the kitchen. Working with bread dough, particularly yeast bread dough, is like working with a living thing. The dough responds to your touch, and you know you are creating one of the world's most basic foods.

Cake baking is basic, too. Cakes are part of almost every life cycle celebration, from birthdays to weddings. Culinary institutes will give you baking training that guarantee successful cakes every time.

What will I learn in pastry chef school?

But bread and cake are not necessarily pastry. Your courses in pastry chef school will concentrate on a much fancier side of baking training. You'll learn to make flaky pastries that are light enough to float off the plate. You'll decorate cakes that are beautiful works of art. You'll also learn a whole range of wonderful things that can be served for dessert. For example, pastry chefs can create mind-boggling sculptures out of chocolate or sugar. Try to imagine a photograph of you, in full chef's attire, standing next to a 5-foot chocolate and sugar artwork that was made as a centerpiece for a fancy banquet table. You might just be imagining your graduation picture at your pastry chef school.